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I love to create one off pieces.


I'm particularly interested in giving new life to those old tools and pots and pans that have been lovingly used but now cease to have a purpose, so giving them a new life and remembering their past life.


The Bubble and Squeak pan

The Bubble and Squeak pan was created for my brother's 60th birthday; Boxing Day was a special day for us and this pan was used by my Dad for many a festive do to create his famous bubble and squeak. I inherited it, (or rather refused to throw it away despite it being a rubbish pan that everything stuck too) and finally gave it the make over it deserved. It now sits in my brother's kitchen, formerly my Dad's kitchen, back in it's old home. A guide price on this is £350, which includes my design time and the making of the piece.


Rookery Saws:

These first saws were created as a personal commission but there are more in the making. A saw like this using my existing designs would be £250 or I can create a bespoke illustrated piece especially for you.


Industrial Heritage

As well as nature, I love industrial heritage and have enjoyed doing a variety of projects inspired by different industries. My all time favourite project was based on Stanton ironworks, a huge foundry based in Ilkeston, derbyshire. It was actually the start point for my entire etched aluminium range and continues to inspire me now. The 3 panels are based on stories from this project.


(I have mixed emotions around it as I love the industrial age and former factories that employed so many back in the day but I'm equally aware of the impact those factories had on our environment. Of course, lets not forget that industry still exists and goes on polluting it's just not on our doorstep!)


Commissioning Artwork

I can create bespoke designs especially for you or use existing designs on your own pre-loved objects. Price, obviously, varies hugely depending on design so please  e.mail me for more details at

Bespoke Wall Art Commissions

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