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The main focus for my artwork is the use of recycled materials, in particular, recycled plastics.

The aim: to create desirable objects from everyday waste.


Environmental issues and man's relationship to the environment has always been core to what I do.

My sculptures are fun and accessible; through them, I hope to encourage people to consider issues around waste, recycling and sustainability and to challenge people’s concept of value.


Working with Communities

I’m passionate about participatory art practice and have been working as a teacher/arts facilitator for 18 years. A great deal of the projects are only made possible, (and enjoyable), because of the people involved. Over the years I’ve worked with a huge variety of groups in all sorts of settings; working with community groups, schools, festivals, arts centres, libraries and so on.

Whilst recycled plastics is my primary medium I love experimenting and don't like to be constricted by one thing. I explore lots of different mediums often combining unexpected elements such as felt and plastic.

I've delivered residencies, pop up shop projects, drop in workshops, pop up happenings and events, apprentice and business mentoring. Featured below are a selection of my sculptures and projects. 

The Making House


I'm based at The Making House in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire.

For more details about my artwork, projects and workshops please visit

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