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These pieces are created in silver with gold keum boo and oxidised detailing. Keum Boo is an ancient Korean technique where heat and pressure is applied to fuse pure gold foil to pure silver.


These designs are only made to commission, so please e.mail me directly to discuss what you'd like making and the price. 


Any of my aluminium designs can be recreated in silver, you can then choose to add gold keum boo to make it extra special.


Prices will vary on the complexity of the design and level of detailed work applied, but as a guide:


Double Sided Dome Pendant:

Both the family tree and the hare and badger necklaces are double sided dome necklaces; they're 4.5cm in diameter and come on a choice of chain though my preference is an Omega chain which holds it's form. For this complexity of design the price is £280, but a piece with less detailed  Keum Boo work would be less.


Single Sided Dome Pendant or Brooch:

A single sided dome necklace of this complexity would be £180


Square Pendant or Brooch:

The bee is a single layered pendant, it's 4cm square. Again you can choose your chain or have it made up as a brooch. The price for this piece would be £120


Bespoke Artwork:

The above prices are based on my own existing artwork but you can commission me to create your own illustrated piece at an additional cost.


I'm in the process of creaing some simpler silver and gold Keum Boo designs too. So do keep an eye out to see future designs.

Bespoke Silver and Gold

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