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Commission your own piece of jewellery. Turn your childrens drawings or special words from an old letter in to a piece of jewellery. 


This cuff was created from drawings done by my nephew (when he was about 6) to remember all the fun times he had with his Grandpa Vic. The picture was so special that I'd treasured it for years and wanted to make it into a piece of jewellery for my sister.


I chose to make a cuff, but you could commission a bangle, pendant, keyring or some etched artwork.


Prices start from £35; it will depend on how much work I need to do to convert your drawings, text etc in to relevant artwork.


Please e.mail me at with an idea of what you'd like me to create with a high resolution jpeg image of what you'd like me to use as your source material and we'll take it from there. No obligation to start with; I'll send you a quote and you can decide whether to go ahead...  assuming you do, I'll invoice you with payment details and an agreement contract.


(You must have ownership, ie. copyright of that image; it can't be someone elses work, photographs etc unless you have their permission; I may take inspiration from another artists work, but I certainly can't and wouldn't want to replicate it)

Bespoke: Freddie and Grandpa

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